European and Italian legislation

consumer law

Consumer law and basic principles

In Italy the reference law is the Consumption Code of 23rd October 2005. The Code aims at protecting consumers, individuals and groups, in all contractual processes they take part in.
Article 2 of the Code lists all the fundamental rights of consumers:
a) health protection;
b) product and service safety;
c) adequate information and correct advertising;
c-bis) exercice of commercial practices according to principles of good faith, correctness and loyalty;
d) education to consumption;
e) correctness, transparency and equity in contractual relations;
f) promotion and development of free associationism between consumers and users;
g) delivery of quality and efficient public services.
Information about consumer protection in Europe can be found in this pdf document (Consumer Protecnion in the Europena Union - Ten Basi Principles) or in the ConsumerClassroom Website

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