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Trasporto AereoAIR TRANSPORT

Air Transport

Just few people can assert on holidays they never suffered troubles such as long queue, overbooking, cancellations or flight delays. The rise in air traffic and in low cost flights contributed to increase these troubles and inefficiencies.

Air companies have to inform passengers on their rights and how to claim in case of overbooking, cancellations and flight delays, lost/delayed luggage. The European legislation and the international agreements introduced some detailed laws getting more and more rigorous which even provide for economic sanctions for companies.

Are you sure you know your rights as passengers?

What will you do in the case of:

- Lost / delayed / damaged luggage;

- Flight / Delay cancellation;

  • - Overbooking and denied boarding;

  • Flight cancellation, delayed flight and denied boarding

    Problems with baggage

    Tickets refund and other administrative issues

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