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Car rental

Car rental often entails claims from consumers, especially due to unexpected debits on their credit cards or to notifications of damages caused to the car coming from the rental agency.
In such cases, it is important to protest against the debit or the notification of damages by sending a written registered letter against acknowledgement of receipt to the rental agency. It is important to ask for the full refund of the debited sum as well.
The company is bound to provide the consumer with all necessary information concerning the terms of the contract, the full cost of the rental, the insurance policy taken out as well as the envisaged allowance for damages, all of which have to be detailed and clear, in full obedience of the principles of transparency and fairness. 
In the sample letter hereby the parts in Italic type as well as the blank parts of the text (___) should be filled in and adapted;  in case there are two options “and/or” you should choose the most appropriate one. 

Sample letter - Car rental



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