Baggage loss

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The event of baggage loss is regulated by both the Montreal Convention of 1999 and the Regulation 889/2002/EC, which adapted at a European level what established at the international one.

According to article no. 22 of the Montreal Convention, the liability of the carrier in the case of destruction, loss, damage or delay is limited to 1.000 SDR (Special Drawing Rights) for each passenger, which approximately correspond to 1.100 €.

In case of baggage loss, passengers must buy only what is very necessary, keeping the related receipts (which must be attached - in copy - to the formal complaint)

Passengers who feel they deserve a higher compensation for the damage suffered, are entitled to take the necessary proceedings before the competent courts. However, please remember that, usually, the air company reimburses firstly tangible damages, if properly supplied with the related receipts.

Claimants must send their complaint to the air company within 21 days following the day on which the baggage ought to have been delivered. All the relevant documents (PIR, flight tickets, baggage tags, receipts of necessary expenses) should be sent in copy, keeping the original version. 

Sample letter - Baggage loss